Rear Cargo Door SkreenzInstallation Instructions for Sprinters


Download these documents and follow instructions. Refer to the labeled photographs below for added assistance when installing the 2007 and newer Rear Cargo Door Skreenz™.

2002-2006 Sprinter Installion Instructions
2007 and newer Sprinter Installation Instructions

The photo above shows a Rear Cargo Door Skreenz™installed on a 2007 Dodge Sprinter. The red letters are points referred to in the instruction sheet..

RCD4 Close the doors temporarily to find the center point for the zipper location.

RCD3 Run the Velcro from behind the door latches forward to the rear edge of the opening at "B".

RCD2 No No Velcro is needed between "D" and "E".

This photo does not show the Velcro running from "E" down to "F". But it does show where the Velcro is attached to the vertical edge of the metal strip across the back of the floor surface.




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